Egg Companies Price-Gouging During Pandemic Texas Class Action

Food prices have soared during the term of Covid-19. The complaint, filed in Texas, opens its allegations by saying, “This statewide class action concerns the despicable and illegal practice of price-gouging of essential groceries, specifically eggs, during the calamitous and unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic.” It brings suit against Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. and other egg companies for  Read more

Bowl of White Eggs

Bank of America Foreclosures in Covid-19 Emergency West Virginia Class Action

Can a class action provide help in a national emergency? This class action seeks to stop foreclosures by Bank of America, NA (BoA) in West Virginia “during the national emergency caused by the spread of the Covid-19 virus. During this nationally declared emergency, foreclosures cannot be conducted at an appropriate time consistent with the contracts  Read more

Bank of America Sign and Logo in Front of Branch