Michaels Excessive Use Tax Charges on Sales to Missouri Class Action

When retailers sell their products to Missouri customers remotely—that is, through the Internet, by telephone, or via catalog—and ship them to Missouri from an out-of-state facility, Missouri requires that the retailers charge customers a use tax of 4.225%. The complaint for this class action alleges that Michaels Stores, Inc. charges Missouri customers a significantly higher  Read more

Array of Pastels for Drawing

National Grid Improper Charges for Taxes Not Owed Class Action

This class action alleges that National Grid USA Services Co., Inc. and Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation (which does business as National Grid) are undermining the ability of renewable energy companies to compete in providing energy in New York. It claims that, when they charged two renewable energy companies for connections to their grid, they required  Read more

Electrical Towers Against Sunset

Horry County, South Carolina Hospitality Tax Settlement

The City of Myrtle Beach brought a class action against Horry County, both in South Carolina, alleging that the county did not have the right to impose hospitality fees on its municipalities without their consent. This settlement resolves that class action. The hospitality fees include the county’s 1.5% uniform service charge on accommodations, prepared food  Read more

Myrtle Beach, a City in Horry County, SC

San Diego Unified Port District Car Rental Fee Settlement

The class action brought suit against the San Diego Unified Port District, about its Resolution 2018-065, which reinstated its Ordinance 2030. This required rental car companies in the port tidelands area to collect a $3.50 fee on each rental. The complaint argued that this was an illegal and unconstitutional tax. The $6.6 million settlement represents  Read more

The Port of San Diego

City of Los Angeles Natural Gas Tax Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against the City of Los Angeles for improper addtions to its natural gas utility tax. The complaint claims that the city improperly added a Public Purpose Surcharge and a State Regulatory Fee to the tax, when it should have based the tax only on the amount of natural gas  Read more