Wilco Life Insurance Designee for Notices Before Terminations California Class Action

Life insurance policies are often lifelong investments. However, in their later years, insureds may mis paying premiums because of illness or other difficulties, causing insurance companies to cancel the policies right before they are needed. The complaint for this class action alleges that Wilco Life Insurance Company has not followed California law that requires companies  Read more

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Standard Life, Protective Life Designation Notice Requirements California Class Action

People who are elderly or sick may have difficulty keeping up with bills and other necessities for a stable life, and may need help from a third party. The complaint for this class action alleges that Standard Life Insurance Company and Protective Life Insurance Company do not provide the annual notices required under California law  Read more

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Northwestern Mutual Life Policy Terminations California Class Action

When Cheri Poe’s husband died, his insurance company told her that he had had no coverage at the time of his death and that she could not make a claim for any benefits. This class action brings Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, alleging that the company did not follow the requirements of California’s insurance laws  Read more

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Airbnb Covid-19 Cancellation Fees Owed to Hosts Class Action

This class action is another related to Covid-19 cancellations, with a bit of a twist. Airbnb, Inc. and Airbnb Payments, Inc. announced they would allow Guests to cancel reservations without penalty. But the complaint claims that this harmed Hosts, who had their own cancellation policies. That’s not all. The complaint claims that Airbnb did not  Read more

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Wilco Life Insurance Policy Termination California Class Action

A number of recent class actions have involved the legal requirements for the lapse or termination of life insurance policies under California laws. This is because life insurance works best for the policyholder when it’s a long-term investment. In this case, the defendant is Wilco Life Insurance Company, which the complaint claims violate California safeguards  Read more

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US Financial Termination of Life Insurance Policies Class Action

Life insurance is generally held long-term. The complaint for this class action alleges that US Financial Life Insurance Company terminated the policies of certain classes of policy holders without proper notice as required by the California Insurance Code.  Read more

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Protective Life Insurance Improper Terminations Class Action

Life insurance is more expensive for older people. Because of this, a person whose policy lapses or is terminated after many years cannot simply get another with the same terms. The complaint for this class action alleges that Protective Life Insurance Company and Empire General Life Insurance Company do not comply with “mandatory provisions of  Read more

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Optimum Cable Termination Policy NY, NJ, CT Class Action

When you cancel a service, what is the termination date? Is it the day you call, or the last day of the month you have so far paid for? The complaint for this class action claims that Optimum Cable instituted a new policy that were unlawful in two ways. It required proper notice in New  Read more

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