American Airlines Baggage Fee Settlement

A settlement of $7.5 million is resolving a class action alleging American Airlines, Inc. charged certain passengers to check their bags when they had been told they could check them for free. Passengers may check a certain number of bags for free under some conditions, such as their route of travel, class, frequent flyer status,  Read more

American Airlines Tail

GHP Management Late Fee Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Geoffrey H. Palmer, GH Palmer Associates, and GHP Management Corporation, challenging the $75 late fees it has been applying to rent payments that are three or more days late. The complaint contended that the amount was not determined by an analysis of the actual cost of the late  Read more

GHP Management Property

Atlantic Union Bank OD Fees on Accounts Not Overdrawn Class Action

Atlantic Union Bank charges $38 for overdraft (OD) and non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees, one of the highest such fees in the country. But the complaint for this class action alleges that the bank charges these fees not just when an account is overdrawn, but even in some cases when it has a positive balance.  Read more

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University of Pennsylvania Covid-19 Closure Refund Settlement

The University of Pennsylvania is making a $4.5 million payment to settle a class action alleging claims of unjust enrichment and conversion and asking for refunds because of the closing of the switch to remote learning in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The court dismissed the tuition-based claims for breach of contract, unjust  Read more

University of Pennsylvania

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union APPSN and Retry Fees Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action alleging IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union fees charged customers improper APPSN and Retry fees. APPSN fees are those charged when an account has sufficient funds when a debit card transaction is approved but insufficient funds when it is settled. Retry fees are those charged when an Automated Clearing House  Read more

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union