Calyx Energy Underpayment of Royalties on Oklahoma Gas Leases Class Action

This Oklahoma case concerns the underpayment of royalties by Calyx Energy III, LLC on natural gas and its constituents taken from Oklahoma wells. The complaint alleges Calyx did this in two ways: by deducting certain postproduction fees it was not entitled to, and by not paying royalties on natural gas Calyx used or allowed thirdĀ  Read more

Oklahoma Gas Wells

Hess Bakken Oil and Gas Royalties for North Dakota Leases Class Action

This class action concerns proper royalty payments for gas and oil leases in North Dakota for which Hess Bakken Investments II, LLC is the lessee. The plaintiff and lessor, Ronald Penman, entered into the lease with a different company in October 2009 and Hess took over as lessee in 2010. The complaint alleges that HessĀ  Read more

North Dakota Oil Well