Goldfish Snacks “Not a Low-Calorie Food” Labeling Class Action

At issue in this class action is the labeling (or lack of it) on the popular snack food Goldfish, made and sold by Campbell Soup Company and Pepperidge Farm, Inc. The Goldfish package advertises that the snacks inside contain “0g Sugars” or “0g Total Sugars,” but it is not a low-calorie food. The complaint contends  Read more

Flavor Blasted XTRA Cheddar Goldfish

Switch Sparkling Drinks Deceptive “No Preservatives,” “No Sugar Added” Claims Class Action

Apple & Eve’s line of Switch Sparkling drinks are marketed as having “No Preservatives” and “No Sugar Added.” The complaint claims that these claims are deceptive and misleading, because the drinks do contain preservatives and because the “No Sugar Added” claims is falsely intended to give the impression that the drinks are low-calorie.  Read more

The Switch Seal: "100% of what you want, 0% of what you don't"

Izze Sparkling Drinks “No Added Sugar” and “No Preservatives” Claims Class Action

Izze Sparkling beverages claim to have “No Added Sugar” and “No Preservatives.” But the complaint for this class action claims that these promises are false, even if, in one case, they may be literally true. The complaint claims that the drinks do contain preservatives (citric acid and ascorbic acid) and that the “No Sugar Added”  Read more

Izze Sparkling Drinks