Carefirst BlueChoice Coverage for IVF Embryo Thawing Maryland Class Action

If Carefirst BlueChoice, Inc. insurance policies in Maryland must cover in-vitro fertilizations (IVF), what aspects of this procedure must they pay for? The complaint for this class action alleges that Carefirst is refusing to cover embryo thawing, which the complaint calls “an essential component of most IVF cycles.”  Read more

In Vitro Fertilization

Blue Cross Blue Shield Antitrust Settlement

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and settling individual Blue plans have come to a $2.67 billion agreement to settle class actions alleging that Blue Cross Blue Shield companies agreed not to compete with each other and to limit competition among themselves in sales and administration of health insurance. The complaints alleged that the companies violated  Read more

Blue Cross Blue Shield Names and Logos

Envision Healthcare Anesthesia Charges Arizona Settlement

Envision Healthcare Corporation, EmCare, Inc., and Anesthesia Physicians of Arizona, PC are settling a class action that centers on billing for anesthesia services. The complaint alleged that the companies violated the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act because they did not provide sufficient information about their identity, network status, and fees, and then charged patients excessive rates.  Read more

Patient Undergoing Anesthesia

Aetna Health Plans Won’t Cover PBRT Cancer Treatment Class Action

Health plans do not cover all treatments that might be offered for an illness. This class action takes up the fact that certain health plans administered by Aetna Life Insurance Company and offered by the School Board of Pinellas County does not cover Proton Beam Radiation Therapy (PBRT) as a treatment for cancer. Aetna claims  Read more

Aetna Sign on Top of Brick Building

Aliera, Unity, Trinity “Health Care Sharing Ministries” Kentucky Class Action

When is insurance not insurance? This class action brings suit against the Aliera Companies, Inc., Trinity Healthshare, Inc. and OneShare Health, which formerly did business as Unity Healthshare, LLC for selling healthcare plans that the companies claim are not health insurance. It alleges that, while there are indeed things known as “Health Care Sharing Ministries  Read more

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Xerox Changes in Health Benefits for Retirees Class Action

Benefits for retired persons are crucially important; elderly people can no longer simply get another job or earn more money to pay for price increases. The complaint for this class action alleges that Xerox Corporation and its Plan Administrator Committee reneged on promises about its medical and dental plans for retired employees. Xerox at one  Read more

A Xerox Machine

Medicare Advantage Insurers Primary Payers for Accident Expenses Class Action

This is one of a number of recent class actions brought by Medicare-related entities, trying to recover payments that insurance companies offering Medicare Advantage allegedly should have paid. The complaint claims that the insurance companies “have systematically and uniformly failed to honor their primary payer obligations under the Medicare Secondary Payer provisions of the Social  Read more

Allstate Primary Payer for Accidents Under Medicare Advantage Class Action

This class action brings suit against two related insurance companies, claiming they did not fulfill their obligations as primary insurers in the Medicare Advantage (MA) program. Allstate Insurance Company and Allstate Fire and Casualty, the complaint alleges, did not pay medical expenses involving injuries in a car accident. Medicare and MA Plans therefore had to  Read more

Two-Car Accident

Amica Mutual Medicare Advantage Accident Claims Class Action

This class action against Amica Mutual Insurance Company in its role as a Medicare Advantage insurer. The complaint alleges that Amica has refused to pay accident-related medical expenses, despite their role as primary payers for those enrolled under Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. This leaves Medicare, which was supposed to be the secondary payer, to pay  Read more

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United Health Plans “Cross-Plan Offsetting” ERISA Class Action

Healthcare plans are governed by a law popularly known as ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. This class action brings suit against a number of companies in the United Health group for something called “cross-plan offsetting,” in which the companies use the assets of one plan to offset losses in another.  Read more

Stethoscope on Hundred-Dollar Bills