Mercedes Neck-Pro Active Head Restraints Deployment Class Action

This class action concerns defective Active Head Restraints (AHRs) in vehicles from Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC and Daimler AG. The car’s headrests are “active” in the sense that, if the vehicle is rear-ended, the headrests spring forward to catch the occupants’ heads, so as to prevent whiplash. The headrests at issue are made by Grammer AG,  Read more

Neck-Pro Active Head Restraint

FCA Anti-Whiplash Headrest Deployment Massachusetts Class Action

As plaintiff Maria Costa was driving her husband Mario Soare’s 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee, the headrest suddenly deployed, smacking her in the back of the head. The feature is designed to deploy during rear-end collisions, except that no such collision had occurred. The complaint for this class action alleges that FCA US, LLC and the  Read more

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Chrysler Defective Active Headrest Restraint Class Action

The subject of this class action is a device known as an active head restraint (AHR), manufactured by Grammer AG and installed in certain model Chrysler vehicles by FCA US, LLC. The device is meant to prevent whiplash in rear-end collisions, but the complaint alleges that it may activate on its own, risking head and  Read more

2018 Chrysler Town & Country

Mercedes Whiplash Prevention Device Deployment Class Action

Even protective features in vehicles may malfunction. This class action sues Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC, Daimler AG, and Grammer AG for their headrests. The issue? The complaint claims that the headrests, designed to prevent whiplash, may spring forward on their own, causing injury or creating accidents.  Read more

Headrests with Mercedes Symbol