Investigation of Toxic PFAS Chemicals in Makeup

When you apply your makeup, are you smoothing toxic chemicals over your face and in your lip and eye areas? You might be, if you’re using certain brands and types of makeup products, says a new study from Notre Dame University.  Read more

Foundation, Lipstick, Mascara

Norlite Facility Control of Fugitive Dust Emissions Class Action

The Norlite, LLC facility in Cohoes, New York is an aggregate production and hazardous waste incineration facility, which was bought by Tradebe Environmental Services, LLC and Tradebe Treatment and Recycling Northeast, LLC in 2011. The complaint alleges that the companies do not adequately control fugitive dust emissions from the Norlite facility, despite the a plan  Read more

Norlite Facility Seen from Saratoga Sites

Emtal Industrial Talc Asbestos Settlement

This settlement concerns a number of asbestos-exposure cases between 1984 and 2009. In these cases, the complaint for this one alleges, Engelhard Corporation, its former law firm Cahill, and their employees made misstatements or hid evidence about the evidence for asbestos in Emtal industrial talc. Emtal talc was a brand of talc used to make  Read more

Lump of the Mineral Talc

Windex Marketing of Products as “Non-Toxic” Class Action

S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. makes Windex products that it packages in bottles with a notation “Non-Toxic Formula.” However, the class for this action alleges that the products do in fact contain toxic ingredients and are therefore deceptively advertised.  Read more

Bottle of Windex Original

Walmart No Cancer Warnings on Roundup California Class Action

The herbicide Roundup contains a substance called glyphosate which is alleged to be a carcinogen. This class action brings suit against Walmart, Inc. for selling various formulations of Roundup “despite knowledge that Roundup may cause cancer.”  Read more

Roundup Products

Former Ametek Facility El Cajon Contamination Settlement

This settlement resolves two of four class actions concerning contamination of land in El Cajon, California. The first class action, against Ametek, Inc., Thomas Deeney, and Senior Operations, LLC, concerned the fact that Amatek had a facility on the site between 1968 and 1988, including a storage tank for manufacturing materials. The complaint alleged that  Read more

Ametek Name and Logo

Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins Judgment

This class action was brought by the People of the State of California against Nutranext, LLC, Nutranext Business, LLC, Nutranext eHealth, LLC, Rainbow Light, LLC, and Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, LLC, pertaining to advertising claims for Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins. The allegations included that the companies engaged in unfair competition and false advertising by making  Read more

Container of Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins

Home Depot Toxic Chemical Methyl Chloride in Paint Strippers Class Action

The first death related to the chemical methyl chloride was documented in 1980, nearly forty years ago, says the complaint for this class action. But the complaint alleges that Home Depot, Inc. continued selling paint strippers containing this toxic ingredient for another thirty-eight years, despite the fact that other, similar retailers had stopped selling them.   Read more

Interior Aisle of a Home Depot Store

Wolverine and 3M PFC Contamination of Water Supplies Class Action

This class action brings suit against Wolverine Worldwide, Inc., along with its chemical supplier, the 3M Company, and its waste disposal agent, Waste Management, Inc., for contamination of the air, ground, and water. Wolverine operated a tannery in Kent County, Michigan, and the complaint alleges its operations produced sludge and debris contaminated with chemicals that  Read more

Display of Wolverine Footwear

Weyerhaeuser TJI Flak Jacket Joists Off-Gas Formaldehyde Class Action

How do you remedy a situation that involves a house’s support structures? The complaint for this class action alleges that Weyerhaeuser Company’s TJI joists with Flak Jacket Protection, used in building houses in Ohio and throughout the US, emit toxic formaldehyde gas that is harmful to humans.  Read more

Weyerhaeuser TJI Joists with Flak Jacket Protection, Installed