That’s How We Roll Class Action Suit

Two months after a class action suit was filed, the plaintiff dismissed the case. David Scarola of Florida had issued a class action against That’s How We Roll, LLC, of Delaware. The suit alleged that the snack company, which makes Party’Tizers™ branded chips, knowingly and falsely marketed its products as “all-natural” in violation of consumer  Read more

Fullbar Deceptive Advertising Class Action Lawsuit

This class action alleges that Fullbar claims that its protein bars are “100% Natural” and “All Natural,” yet the protein bars contain Maltodextrin (a synthetic chemical) and also contain GMO derived ingredients.  Read more

Stevia In The Raw® “Natural” Claims Called into Question

This lawsuit alleges that Stevia In The Raw® is marketed as one hundred percent natural when in fact, Stevia contains dextrose and maltodextrin, two highly processed chemicals. These substances are created when genetically modified corn is converted into food starch, and then mixed with enzymes.  Read more