Apple Sued for Losses to Gambling Apps Connecticut Class Action

The complaint for this class action alleges that Apple, Inc. facilitates the purchase of apps from its App Store “that are no more and no less than casino-style slot machines, casino[-]style table games, and other common gambling games. Because of this, the complaint alleges, Apple is responsible for facilitating illegal gambling for customers in Connecticut  Read more

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Google and Illegal Gambling In-App Purchases New York Class Action

Some states have laws stating that entities that make money from illegal gambling must provide refunds for customer losses if they are claimed within a certain period of time. In this class action, the complaint asserts that certain gambling game apps available in the Google Play Store constitute illegal gambling under New York state laws  Read more

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Google Sued for Recovery of Gambling Game Losses Alabama Class Action

Google offers gambling game apps in its Google Play Store, but in many states, these are considered to involve illegal gambling. The complaint for this class action alleges that Google, LLC and Google Payment Corporation facilitate gambling that is illegal in Alabama. It seeks to recover losses consumers have incurred through playing those games and  Read more

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