Toyota, Lexus Defective Low-Pressure Fuel Pump Class Action

According to the complaint for this class action, certain Toyota and Lexus vehicles have a defective low-pressure fuel pump that can lead to a stall and engine shutdown—a defect the complaint says Toyota knew about although it did not warn purchasers and lessees of the vehicles. The complaint brings suit against a group of related  Read more

2019 Lexus RX 350L

Toyota, Lexus Payments Required Despite Recall Class Action

If your vehicle is recalled, you expect it to be fixed. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that when Toyota recalled Toyota and Lexus vehicles for defective Denso fuel pumps, it did not have a fix for the problem. Plaintiff Tina Feng claims that the loaner she was given, a Kia, was not  Read more

2019 Lexus RC 350

Toyota, Lexus 2018-2019 Vehicles Denso Fuel Pump Class Action

This class action brings suit against a number of Toyota companies. The complaint alleges that certain Toyota and Lexus vehicles, manufactured between August 2, 2018 and January 31, 2019, have defective Denso fuel pumps that can cause the vehicles to unexpectedly stall and cause the engine to shut down. After fuel pump failure, the vehicles  Read more

2019 Lexus ES

Ford Trucks CP4 Fuel Pumps Incompatible with US Diesel California Class Action

The complaint calls the high-pressure fuel injection pumps installed in certain Ford diesel trucks “ticking time bombs.” The Bosch CP4 fuel injection pumps were designed for European vehicles, but the Ford Motor Company installed them in certain of its 2011 to 2018 model year vehicles. The problem, the complaint alleges, is that American diesel fuel  Read more

2018 Ford F-250

Ford Diesel Trucks with Bosch CP4 Fuel Injection Pumps Class Action

The complaint for this class action brings up the problem of the Bosch CP4 high-pressure fuel injection pump, which is supposedly “standard in 2011-present Ford Super Duty diesel trucks, and which unbeknownst to consumers is incompatible with American diesel fuel.” The complaint alleges that with this pump, metal rubs against metal, distributing metal shards throughout  Read more

2018 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Ford Use of Bosch CP4 Fuel Pump in Diesel Vehicles Class Action

The complaint for this class action is a massive document of over 860 pages. It alleges that Ford knew it should not use Bosch’s CP4 fuel pump in its diesel vehicles, but did so anyway. What was wrong with the CP4? Because US diesel fuel differs from European, the fuel pump does not work as  Read more

Ford 2017 F-350 Truck

General Motors Silverado and Sierra Trucks with CP4 Fuel Pumps Class Action

This is one of several recent class actions brought against General Motors for the use of Bosch’s CP4 fuel pumps in diesel vehicles. The complaint alleges that the CP4 cannot work properly with American diesel fuel, which does not provide enough lubrication. The result is eventual failures requiring the replacement of the fuel system.  Read more

GM 2016 Silverado Truck

General Motors Use of CP4 Diesel Fuel Pumps California Class Action

This California class action is at least the third complaint filed against an automobile manufacturer concerning the Bosch CP4 diesel fuel pump. A long list of plaintiffs files this complaint against General Motors (GM), alleging that the fuel pump was a “ticking time bomb” that simply cannot operate properly with American diesel fuel standards, leading  Read more

2016 Silverado Truck

Ford Use of Bosch CP4 Diesel Fuel Pump California Class Action

The complaint for this class action claims that the Bosch CP4 fuel pump begins damaging American vehicles from the very first tank of gas. Ford has used this fuel pump in many of its diesel trucks, but the complaint claims that American gasoline standards don’t allow the pump the lubrication it needs.  Read more

Ford 2018 Truck

Ford, GMA, FCA Defective CP4 Fuel Pump RICO Florida Class Action

Differences in US and European gasoline are at the heart of this class action. The complaint alleges that the CP4 fuel pump does not receive enough lubrication from US gas and that the pump’s creators and the auto makers who used it in their vehicles knew it. In fact, it claims that the use of  Read more

CP4 Fuel Pump