Labeling of Suja Cold-Pressed Juices Class Action

What do the terms “cold-pressed” and “fresh” represent? Do ever they require qualification? The complaint for this class action alleges that certain juices made by Suja Life, LLC are improperly labeled. It claims that the juices, blends made with apples and beets, should not be labeled to give the impression that they are fresh because  Read more

Suja Sweet Beets Juice

Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes Butter and Freshness Claims Class Action

Butter is once again popular, driven by the desire for natural foods and the idea that fats are not as bad for you as they once seemed. BEF Foods, Inc. advertises its Bob Evans mashed potatoes as being “Made with Real Milk & Butter” on the front of the packaging, but the complaint for this  Read more

Container of Bob Evans Original Mashed Potatoes

Blueprint “Raw,” “Fresh,” “Cold Pressed” Juice Class Action

The complaint for this class action argues that labeling of BluePrint Cold Pressed Juice and BluePrint Organic Juice with the words “raw,” “cold pressed juice,” and “manifreshto” is fraudulent and deceptive. However, the complaint alleges that cold pressing is only the first main step in the manufacturing process. In the second step in the manufacturing  Read more