PPL Montana Sends Profits Out of State, Leaves Liabilities Class Action

One of the complaint’s first sentences says that this case “arises out of yet another chapter in Montana’s long history of out-of-state corporations exploiting Montana’s resources, shipping the profits out of state, abandoning operations in the State, and attempting to shift responsibility to the State to clean up those abandoned operations.” The defendants are PPL  Read more

Hydroelectric Facility at Kerr Dam

PPL Corp Fraudulent Asset Transfers Leave Nothing for Liabilities Class Action

What happens when a company sucks the profits from another entity, which piles up debt and environmental messes, then claims that it can’t pay up? In the case of PPL Corporation and its related companies, what happened was this class action. The complaint claims that PPL bought utility assets, took the profits from deregulation and  Read more

Montana Coal-Burning Facility