Google’s Reserve Price Optimization Plan Raises Advertising Prices Class Action

Google, LLC and its parent company, Alphabet, Inc., are in the advertising business, acting as brokers between publishers with ad space or impressions and advertisers with display advertising on the advertising exchange AdX. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Google manipulates the ad-space auctions with a program called Reserve Price Optimization that  Read more

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Bank of America, Zelle Processing of Fraudulent Transactions California Class Action

Bank of America (BofA) allows customers to withdraw money from their accounts and pay other parties via a service called Zelle. Unfortunately, according to the complaint for this California class action, it also seems to allow unauthorized parties to withdraw money from customer accounts and commit fraud. This class action brings suit against Bank of  Read more

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BioSteel Blue Raspberry Flavored Sports Drink Contains PFAS Class Action

BioSteel Sports Nutrition, Inc. makes a Blue Raspberry flavored sports drink which the homepage for the product calls the “healthiest and most trusted sports hydration product[] on the planet.” The complaint for this class action alleges that BioSteel makes this and other representations about the product indicating that it is healthy when in actuality it  Read more

BioSteel Blue Raspberry Flavored Sports Drink

Simply Tropical Juice Drink Contains PFAS Class Action

The Simply Orange Juice Company and its parent, the Coca-Cola Company, are the defendants in this class action about Simply Tropical juice drink. The complaint alleges that the drink, which is marketed as “All Natural,” actually contains per- and polyfluoralkyl substances (PFAS), synthetic chemicals which accumulate in the body and which have been associated with  Read more

Simply Tropical Juice Drink

Apple Watch Blood Oxygen Inaccurate with Darker Skin Class Action

The Apple Watch, made by Apple, Inc. and selling for $400 or more, purports to be able to measure from the wrist the blood oxygen levels of its wearers. But the complaint for this class action alleges that the technology used to do this does not produce an accurate measurement for those with darker skins.  Read more

Apple Watch Monitoring Blood Oxygen Level

Samsung Z Fold 3 Damage to Larger Smartphone Screens Class Action

The complaint for this class action calls its defendant, Samsung Electronics America, Inc., “the global leader in the development of foldable phones, which allow significantly larger screens.” But the Z Fold 3 smartphone screens have significant flaws, the complaint alleges, developing problems sooner than expected, and the complaint claims that Samsung often does not honor  Read more

Samsung Z Fold 3 with Black Unresponsive Area

Eufy Home Cameras Misleading Privacy and Security Claims Class Action

Eufy home security cameras appear to have been pitched to consumers who value the privacy and security of their images and information, but the complaint for this class action alleges that the companies responsible for them falsely represented their operations. The complaint brings suit against Anker Innovations Limited, Anker Technology Corporation, and Fantasia Trading, LLC,  Read more

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C&K Trucking Improper Deductions Settlement

This settlement accepts a $3.35 million payment to resolve a class action brought by drivers for C&K Trucking, LLC in Illinois. According to the complaint, C&K violated the Truth in Leasing Act and committed breach of contract and fraud when it paid owner-operators less than the amount agreed upon for their runs and did not  Read more

C&K Trucking Truck on Road

Added Potassium in Starbucks French Roast Class Action

Starbucks Coffee Company sells coffee in bags, including a French Roast that is labeled as being “Ground 100% Arabica Coffee.” But the complaint for this class action alleges that this representation is not true, because, it claims, the coffee also contains potassium to make it less acidic.  Read more

The Starbucks Siren (or Mermaid)

CVS Health “Fluoride Free,” “Antiplaque,” “Natural” Toothpaste Class Action

CVS Pharmacy, Inc. offers a CVS Health toothpaste that is “Fluoride Free,” Antiplaque,” and “Certified Natural,” but the complaint for this class action alleges that none of these claims, nor the indication of peppermint on the packaging, are completely true—at least, not as the typical consumer would understand them, it claims.  Read more

CVS Health Fluoride Free, Antiplaque Toothpaste