Rushmore Loan Management Lack of Assignment Foreclosure Lawsuit

The complaint for this lawsuit has been written by two non-lawyers, asserting claims in connection with foreclosures, mortgage-backed securities (MBSs), and allegedly forged documents. Its essential charge is that the parties who foreclosed on the plaintiffs’ home had no right to do so, because they did not complete the proper documentation at the required time  Read more

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Improper Sale of Mortgage and Excessive Foreclosure Fees Class Action

Did New Century sell a mortgage it did not in fact own? The complaint for this class action rests primarily on that allegation plus claims that amounts charged in connection with a subsequent foreclosure were excessive and improper.   Read more

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JPMorgan Chase Mortgage Foreclosure in Violation of FHA Requirements Class Action

People make painstaking payments over many years to pay off a mortgage, but it may take only a short run of difficulty to undo it all and lead to the disaster of foreclosure. The complaint for this class action claims that JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA foreclosed on the home of plaintiffs Dhimiter Llori and Natalia  Read more

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Ajax 2016 Trust Maryland Foreclosure Is Consumer Debt Collection, Class Action Claims

In January 2008, Plaintiffs Wyatt Duncan and Tykecia McCormick-Duncan obtained a mortgage loan for a home in Maryland. Unfortunately, in February 2015, they allegedly went into default, and their home was eventually sold at auction, after action by the then-assignee of the note, the Ajax 2016 Trust. The complaint makes a simple claim but one  Read more