Massage Envy Increased Fees Settlement

Massage Envy Franchising, LLC has agreed to hand out ten million dollars in vouchers to settle a class action. The complaint alleged that the monthly fees were increased for members despite the fact that they had signed agreements that forbid such increases.   Read more

Crunch Waterfront Fitness Club Membership Law Violations Class Action

Like a lot of health or fitness clubs, Crunch Waterfront operates on a membership basis. But the compliant for this class action claims that the club did not obey laws governing health club memberships and/or renewing such memberships without the members’ approval.   Read more

Crunch Waterfront Fitness Club

Town Sports Gyms Passport Membership Is Not “All Access” Class Action

It’s understandable that companies aren’t happy about class actions filed against them. Some fight the charges; others change their procedures. But the complaint for this one alleges that Town Sports International (TSI) berated and/or barred two customers who filed one. Both this and the original class action claim that TSI sold “Passport” memberships that purported  Read more

One of TSI's New York Sports Club Gyms