Kind Granola “High in Fiber” Claim Class Action

Kind, LLC sells granola in bags that the complaint for this class action alleges is “intended for consumption as snacks” including a cinnamon oat variety that is marketed as being “High in Fiber.” But the complaint claims that that claim is only true if the granola is eaten as a cereal, in a larger amount,  Read more

Kind Cinnamon Oat Granola

Welch’s Fruit Snacks “REAL Fruit” and “With Fiber” Claims Class Action

Just how healthy are Welch’s Fruit Snacks, which claim to be made with “REAL Fruit” and with fiber? The complaint for this class action takes a close look at the representations on the box and alleges that the snacks are not what they are presented to be. The complaint claims that the words “With Fiber”  Read more

Box of Welch's Reduced-Sugar Fruit Snacks