CFLA Illegal Fees Settlement

This resolves a lawsuit against Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, LLC, Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, LLC (TX) and two individuals that was brought by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) a government agency designed to protect consumers. The complaint alleged that CFLA charged illegal advance fees for mortgage-assistance relief and for financial advisory services, in violation  Read more

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Elon Property Management Credit Reporting Fee Settlement

Elon Property Management Company – Lexford Pools 1/3 LLC and Elon Property Management LLC are putting up half a million dollars to partially settle a class action alleging they did not comply with the disclosure requirements of the federal Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) in running a credit building program with tenants of their residential  Read more

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City of Ocala, Florida Illegal Fire Service Fee Settlement

The City of Ocala, Florida is settling a class action alleging that a fire service fee charged to utility customers with their utility bills was an illegal tax and not a user fee. The complaint alleged that the fire service fee was a tax because the bundling with water, sewer, and electric charges was coercive  Read more

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Waste Pro Environmental Fees Florida Settlement

Waste Pro Florida and Waste Pro USA, Inc. are paying $10 million to settle a class action alleging that some customers were improperly charged environmental fees or environmental recovery fees or the like. The complaint alleged the fees violated the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.  Read more

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AT&T Mobility Administrative Fee California Settlement

AT&T Mobility, LLC is settling a California class action alleging it charged consumers’ post-paid wireless accounts a monthly administrative fee that was not fair and not adequately disclosed in its advertisements. The complaint alleged AT&T charged and increased the administrative fee in a deceptive and unfair manner.  Read more

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City of Edmundson Incarceration, Fines, and Warrant Settlement

The City of Edmundson, Missouri is settling a class action alleging it violated the constitutional rights of citizens when it arrested and incarcerated them at the City of Edmundson Police Department, City of St. Ann Jail, and the St. Louis County Jail, because they could not afford to pay money they owed from traffic and  Read more

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Sound Credit Union Collateral Protection Insurance Washington Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Sound Credit Union, alleging it violated the Washington Consumer Protection Act and Washington common law. The complaint brought suit against Sound for charging borrowers for collateral protection insurance premiums, not fully refunding unearned premiums, and charging unauthorized fees and interest.  Read more

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St. Louis County Failure to Appear Fee Settlement

St. Louis County is settling a class action alleging it improperly charged defendants in municipal court a failure to appear (FTA) fee or warrant fee. The fee was the amount charged by the county for defendants who failed to appear in a municipal court case, which was normally $75.  Read more

St. Louis County, Missouri

City of Normandy, Missouri Arrest and Incarceration Settlement

The City of Normandy, Missouri is settling a class action alleging it violated certain persons’ constitutional rights by arresting and incarcerating them at the City of Normandy Police Department, the City of St. Ann Jail, or the St. Louis County Jail. The complaint alleged the persons were arrested and incarcerated because they could not afford  Read more

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Riverlink Toll Bridges Partial Settlement

A partial settlement has been reached with Gila, LLC, in a class action against it and Kapsch TrafficCom USA, Inc. about the assessment of penalties and fees for the failure to pay tolls for the use of the Riverlink Toll Bridges that connect Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. This Settlement appears to affect those who  Read more

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