Waste Pro Environmental Fees Florida Settlement

Waste Pro Florida and Waste Pro USA, Inc. are paying $10 million to settle a class action alleging that some customers were improperly charged environmental fees or environmental recovery fees or the like. The complaint alleged the fees violated the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.  Read more

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Advanced Disposal Fees Georgia and Alabama Settlement

Advanced Disposal Services, Inc. and its related companies will spend just short of $3 million to resolve three class actions alleging that it charged customers improper fees. The complaints claimed that the companies did not have the right to charges the fees, which included such things as fuel surcharges, environmental fees, administrative charges.  Read more

Waste Industries Surcharges Settlement

Waste Industries is making available a net settlement fund of nearly $5 million to resolve two combined class actions alleging that it charged fuel surcharges, energy recovery fees, and environmental fees, which were excessive and unlawful, which breached customer contracts, and which violated state laws in North Carolina and Georgia.   Read more

WCA Improper Fees Class Action Settlement

This is a settlement of a class action against WCA Waste Corporation (and its subsidiaries), which provides solid waste disposal services under agreements with its customers. The complaint alleges that WCA made excessive charges to customers, in the form of “fuel surcharges” or “energy recovery fees” and “environmental fees”, and that these charges breached the  Read more