Permanent General Assurance Refunds of Unearned Premiums Settlement

Permanent General Assurance Corporation will pay former customers up to $2.7 million to settle a class action about unearned premiums. The complaint alleged the company breached its contracts and unjustly enriched itself by not providing refunds when customers voluntarily cancelled their auto insurance policies.  Read more

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Hyundai Capital No Refund of GAP Waiver Fees Class Action

This class action concerns Hyundai Capital America’s failure to refund fees from Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Waiver Addendum fees when auto loans are paid off early. The complaint alleges that a certain portion of these fees are not earned when auto finance loans are paid off before the scheduled time and that these should be  Read more

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USAlliance No Refund of Unearned GAP Waiver Fees Class Action

When auto loans are paid off or otherwise terminated early, borrowers are supposed to be refunded for certain benefits that they will not be using. One such benefit concerns Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Waiver Addendums. The complaint alleges that USAlliance Federal Credit Union, which does business as USAlliance Financial, does not refund these unearned fees,  Read more

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CSC ServiceWorks Charges Fee for Laundry Cards Refund Class Action

When services require the use of a cash card, what provisions should they make for giving refunds? The complaint takes issue with the practices of CSC ServiceWorks, Inc., for their practices with laundry cards that permit the use of washers and dryers in a specific building. It alleges that the company charges “a hidden fee”  Read more

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Google AdSense Publishers’ Accounts Settlement

Google is putting up $11 million to settle a class action alleging that when it terminated AdSense publishers for alleged breach of contract, it did not return unpaid amounts in their accounts. The complaint claims that withholding these funds breaches the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.    Read more

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