Stop One Deli No Overtime Pay for 80-Hour Weeks Class Action

This class action outlines an all-too-familiar story: a deli business that employs workers for extended hours, the complaint alleges, but does not keep proper records of them and pay proper minimum wage, overtime, or spread of hours for all hours worked. It brings suit against the Uncle Hegna Grocery Corp., which does business as Stop  Read more

Deli Sandwich with Pickles

Sunrise Senior Living Improper Wage Statements California Class Action

Class actions have been filed against various senior living facilities, including Sunrise Senior Management, Inc., alleging that facilities are understaffed and not patients do not receive proper care. This class action is from the other side of the coin, an employee of Sunrise Senior Living alleging that the company violated California Labor Laws and Industrial  Read more

Sunrise Senior Living Facility in California

FlyFit Failure to Keep Records, Pay Wages FLSA NYLL Lawsuit

The complaint for this lawsuit claims that FlyFit Holdings, LLC and Brian Chappon failed to pay plaintiff Alexander Ray Thurston properly and did not maintain accurate work records. It also alleges that Chappon did not maintain FlyFit as a legal entity separate from himself but more like an alter ego.  Read more

Gavel and Sign "Labor Law"

Wyndham Resort California Sales Representatives Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action alleging that Wyndham and related companies violated the California Unfair Business Practices Act and also violated California labor law in several ways, by failing to do the following in relation to sales representatives: Pay for all time worked Pay overtime Provide compliant meal or rest breaks or, alternatively, compensation  Read more