PHH Mortgage Naming of Owner of Mortgage RESPA, Reg X Class Action

The Real Estate Settlement Practices Act (RESPA) and Regulation X are meant to help consumers with the servicing and settlement of their real estate transactions. They were intended to require mortgage servicers and other to provide them with adequate and timely information and to protect them from high charges and abusive practices. The complaint for  Read more

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Kelco FCU Errors in Mortgage Accounts with Balloon Payments Class Action

This complicated case involves both individual and class concerns about mortgage payments in Maryland. The complaint alleges that Kelco Federal Credit Union misapplied payments, misreported balloon amounts, and failed to correct errors, creating ever-larger problems for the homeowners, who finally brought this case against Kelco.  Read more

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Wells Fargo Refusal of Proper Response to Borrowers RESPA Class Action

If you ask your mortgage servicer for information, can the servicer refuse to provide it? The complaint for this class action alleges that Wells Fargo Bank, NA violated the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) when it refused to answer customer Requests for Information (RFIs) and Notices of Error (NOEs).  Read more

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Nationstar Mortgage Failure to Answer Account Questions RESPA Class Action

The complaint for this class action claims that Nationstar Mortgage, LLC did not fully respond to a borrower’s questions about her mortgage, in violation of the Real Estate Settlement Practices Act (RESPA). She was requesting a payment history, including information about charges, credits, and escrow payments.  Read more

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