AT&T Mobility California Labor Law Settlement

This settlement resolves a California class action against AT&T Mobility Services, LLC, which alleged it violated labor laws in that state. Among other things, the complaint alleged it did not pay employees for all hours worked, did not pay them an extra hour when they were forced to miss meal periods or breaks, and did  Read more

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Ecolab Wage and Hour California Labor Law Settlement

Ecolab, Inc. is settling a class action alleging it violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and various California labor laws. Among other things, the complaint alleged the company did not pay proper minimum and overtime wages, did not give workers the required meal and rest breaks, did not provide itemized wage statements, did  Read more

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CH Robinson Produce Consignment Sales PACA Violations Class Action

The Lusks had what they believed to be a consignment arrangement for their farm’s produce with CH Robinson companies (CH Robinson Worldwide, Inc., CH Robinson Company, Inc., and CH Robinson Company). This class action arose when they found, they claim, that the companies were making additional money from that same produce with other arrangements the  Read more

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