Coastline Equipment California Labor Law Settlement

Bragg Investment Company, Inc., which does business as Coastline Equipment, is paying to settle a class action alleging it violated California labor laws in a number of ways. The complaint made at least five allegations, including that the company did not (1) pay minimum wages and overtime for all hours worked, (2) provide proper meal  Read more

Equipment at Coastline Equipment

Adult Clubs and California Labor Laws Settlement

This settlement resolves two class actions against SFBSC Management, LLC, Déjà vu Services, Inc., Harry Mohney, and various adult clubs and other entities. The complaint alleged that the defendants violated various California labor laws, including failing to pay minimum wages and overtime wages and failing to provide itemized wage statements, among other things.  Read more

Exotic Dancer's High-Heeled Shoes

Olam Spices Wage and Hour California Settlement

Olam Spices and Vegetables, Inc. and Olam West Coast, Inc. are paying $4.5 million to settle a collective action and four class actions alleging Olam violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and California labor laws. The complaints alleged, among other things, that Olam did not pay wages for all time worked, did not pay  Read more

Spices in Scoops and Bowls

Riverview Farms Cannabis Cultivators Labor Law Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Riverview Farms, Inc., Dario Alcantar, who does business as Small Progress Company, and a group of individuals, alleging violations of California labor laws for its non-exempt cannabis cultivators. The complaint alleged that the defendants did not pay proper overtime wages, did not provide accurate, itemized wage statements, and  Read more

Riverview Farms Cannabis Greenhouse

NorthBay Healthcare California Labor Law Settlement

NorthBay Healthcare Corporation is settling a class action alleging it violated California labor laws in a number of ways, including by not accurately paying wages (including overtime wages) for all hours worked, not providing accurate, itemized statements, and not provide required meal and rest periods or paying premiums instead.  Read more

NorthBay Medical Center

ShopKeep, Lightspeed Overtime Employment Settlement

ShopKeep, Inc. and Lightspeed Commerce USA, Inc. are settling a class action alleging that they did not pay sales representatives proper overtime wages for all overtime worked and did not provide proper wage notices and statements in New York or timely wages at separation in Oregon.  Read more

ShopKeep System

Grocery Store Employees Flat Rates of Pay NYLL, FLSA Class Action

This class action sues a list of grocery stores and two individuals in Queens and Nassau counties in New York for violating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and New York Labor Law (NYLL). The complaint alleges that the defendants paid flat rates to the butchers and grocers who worked for them and did not  Read more

Butcher Cutting Meat

Amy Ruth’s Restaurant Labor Law Violation Settlement

Mekruth, Inc. does business as Amy Ruth’s Restaurant. This settlement requires that the company pay a million and a half dollars to settle a class action alleging the company violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and New York Labor Law (NYLL). The complaint claimed that Amy Ruth’s did not pay hourly, nonexempt employees  Read more

Amy Ruth's Restaurant

Express Services Overtime and Breaks California Settlement

Express Services, Inc. and Phillips & Associates, Inc. will be paying up to $10 million to settle a labor law class action, alleging they violated the California Unfair Business Practices Act and Private Attorney General Act (PAGA). The complaint alleged that the companies did not pay the proper amount in overtime wages, did not permit  Read more

Person at Desk Doing Overtime

Walgreen Sick Pay and Pregnancy Discrimination California Class Action

This class action brings suit against Walgreen Co. with a combination of individual and class allegations. The individual claims have to do primarily with pregnancy, disability discrimination, and wrongful termination; the class claims concern primarily sick leave, sick pay, and the failure to provide accurate, itemized wage statements. The applicable laws are California’s Labor Code,  Read more

A Walgreens Store