Citizens Bank Interest on Mortgage Escrow Accounts Multi-State Class Action

In certain states, mortgage lenders may be required to pay borrowers interest on their escrow accounts, where payments for taxes and insurance are held until they’re paid once a year. The complaint for this class action alleges that Citizens Bank, NA violates laws in Rhode Island and other states by not paying its mortgage borrowers  Read more

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Camino Natural Resources Interest on Late Payments Oklahoma Settlement

Camino Natural Resources, LLC is settling a class action for $2.1 million. The complaint is asking for damages, alleging that Camino did not pay statutory interest, as required by Oklahoma law, when its royalty payments were late.  Read more

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Bravo Arkoma Interest on Late Oil and Gas Payments Oklahoma Class Action

Oil and gas well companies enter into leases that allow them to take oil or gas out of land owned by others. In exchange, they pay the owners a portion of the proceeds from the oil or gas taken from the well. The complaint for this class action alleges that Bravo Arkoma, LLC does not  Read more

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XTO Energy Interest on Late Royalty Payments MT and ND Wells Class Action

Landowners sometimes lease their land to companies that want to extract the oil or gas underneath it. They are paid in royalties, or a portion of the value of the oil or gas extracted. It can be difficult for mineral owners to get accurate information pertaining to their royalties or to get their royalties paid  Read more

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Santander No Interest Paid on Mortgage Escrow Accounts Class Action

Escrow funds are often used to accumulate payments for yearly payments related to mortgages, such as tax and insurance payments. The complaint for this class action alleges that Santander Bank, NA, violates New York laws in not paying borrowers interest on these escrow funds.  Read more

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ACE American Insurance, Chubb Interest on Delayed Payout Class Action

This class action makes claims for interest on a delayed life insurance payout. The complaint says that ACE American Insurance Company’s policy provides for interest on delayed payouts, but the company has refused to pay it.   Read more

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Anthem Blue Cross Payment for Emergency Non-Contracted Providers Class Action

Under California law, insurers must pay reasonable fees to medical providers for emergency services performed on one of their insureds, even if the medical providers are not part of their own networks. California laws also require prompt payment to medical providers. The complaint for this class action claims that Anthem Blue Cross complies with neither  Read more

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Citibank Interest on Mortgage Escrow Accounts Class Action

Mortgage companies often maintain escrow accounts for customers, holding sums collected with monthly payments and from which they pay certain expenses once or twice a year. The complaint for this class action alleges that Citibank, NA violates New York and other state laws by not paying at least 2% interest on these escrow accounts to  Read more

Interest Payments to Borrowers on Mortgage Escrow Accounts Investigation

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’re required to pay certain yearly expenses, like your property taxes or your homeowner’s insurance, to your mortgage lender. You pay a little every month, and then once a year the lender pays the tax office or insurance company on your behalf. In eleven states, lenders are required to  Read more

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Flagstar Bank Interest on Mortgage Escrow Account California Class Action

The complaint for this class action claims that Flagstar Bank failed to pay interest on mortgage escrow or impound accounts, as required by California law.   Read more

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