Petco, PupBox Compromising of Customer Information Class Action

Both Petco Animal Supplies Stores, Inc. and PupBox, Inc. keep the private information of their customers in their systems. The complaint for this class action claims that the companies did not adequately protect this information, which led to a data breach, and then failed to give customers “timely and adequate notice” about the exposure of  Read more

Pup and PupBox

Blackbaud Ransomware Attack and Data Breach Florida Class Action

In May 2020, a company called Blackbaud, Inc. suffered a ransomware attack and data breach of its systems. This class action has been filed on behalf of people whose information was exposed. Blackbaud managed the servers of schools, healthcare companies, nonprofits, and other organizations. The complaint claims that Blackbaud “secured the Private Information in a  Read more

Blackbaud Name on Building

Nuvance Health, Health Quest Phishing Attack Class Action

Nuvance Health and Health Quest Systems, Inc., the defendants in this case, operate healthcare facilities, including seven hospitals, in the Hudson Valley area of New York and western Connecticut. The complaint for this class action alleges that a phishing incident at these companies exposed the information of more than 28,000 patients, because the companies “failed  Read more

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Wawa Convenience Stores Nine-Month Data Breach Class Action

Data breaches have happened to everyone from major companies and hospitals to fast-food restaurants, and they are becoming an increasing headache for consumers who must deal with the ramifications. The complaint for this class action alleges that Wawa, Inc. should have taken better care of the personal and payment card information that was stolen in  Read more

Wawa Convenience Store and Gas Stand

Carl’s Golfland Data Breach and Delayed Responses Class Action

Data breaches are becoming all too common these days, and consumers are expecting a certain standard of behavior to follow. The complaint for this class action alleges that Carl’s Golfland, Inc. experienced a data breach, and that it neither stopped the unauthorized access immediately nor informed customers promptly.  Read more

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LabCorp, Quest Data Breach at Debt Collector Class Action

Laboratory Corporation of America (LCA), Quest Diagnostics Incorporated, and Optum360 Services, Inc. have recently been hit with class actions related to a data breach of their debt collector’s systems. This is another such case, with a new legal name for the debt collector: Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc. (RMCB), usually referred to as American Medical  Read more

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Capital One Companies, Bank Experience Data Breach Class Action

Are data breaches getting bigger, involving more and more people? The complaint for this class action claims that information for one hundred million people was exposed in the data breach involving Capital One Financial Corporation, Capital One, NA, and Capital One Bank (USA), NA. It claims that Capital One should be held responsible for not  Read more

Capital One Bank Sign

Quest, LabCorp Subcontractor Data Breach Class Action

Quest Diagnostics calls itself “the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services.” LabCorp is also a global laboratory offering diagnostic services. Quest uses Optum360, LLC for billing collections, and both Optum and LabCorp use AMCA for collections. This means that when AMCA suffered an extended data breach, medical and personally identifying information (PII) for millions  Read more

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Quest Diagnostics Lab Customer Data Breach Class Action

Quest Diagnostics Incorporated is one of the leading medical laboratory services company in the country. But it subcontracted collection work to a company called Optum360, LLC, which in turn subcontracted work to Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau, Inc. (RMCB). The result?  The personal information of Quest customers was exposed in a data breach at a company they had  Read more

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Five Below Data Breach and Late Notification Class Action

Data breaches are bad enough. But when a company does not promptly tell customers that their information has been exposed, people get angry. The complaint for this class action alleges that Five Below, Inc. suffered a data breach and waited for a month before telling its customers.  Read more

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