Adult Club Dancers Wage and Hour Settlement

This settlement resolves two class actions alleging that dancers performing at certain adult clubs should have been treated as employees rather than owners and so did not receive proper pay and benefits. The complaint alleges that the clubs also failed to pay overtime, did not provide meal and rest periods, did not give dancers accurate,  Read more

Protection Service Unpaid Wages California Employment Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action brought before the American Arbitration Association against Universal Protection Service for alleging the following: Failure to pay minimum and overtime wages for all hours worked Meal and rest period violations Waiting time penalties Failure to reimburse for necessary business expenses Wage statement and record keeping violations Unfair business practices  Read more

Wyndham Resort California Sales Representatives Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action alleging that Wyndham and related companies violated the California Unfair Business Practices Act and also violated California labor law in several ways, by failing to do the following in relation to sales representatives: Pay for all time worked Pay overtime Provide compliant meal or rest breaks or, alternatively, compensation  Read more

Bebe Stores California Labor Settlement

Bebe has decided to settle a class action that alleges that it violated California labor laws by its failure to do the following: Pay minimum and overtime wages Allow meal and rest breaks Timely pay wages due Timely pay wages at termination Provide accurate, itemized work statements Reimburse employees for necessary work expenses Provide suitable  Read more

Walmart California Wages, Overtime, and Meal Break Violations Class Action

This class action alleges that the Walmart store in Chino, California violated California employment laws by failing to pay minimum wages for all hours worked; failing to pay overtime for hours in excess of eight per day or forty per workweek; failing to let employees take a second meal break when they worked a shift  Read more

Delano Farms Agricultural Grape Workers Labor Law Violations Class Action

This settles a class action brought by agricultural grape workers against Delano Farms and the labor companies who represented them. The complaint alleges that the companies violated labor laws in requiring unpaid, off-the-clock work, not reimbursing workers for necessary tool expenses, and not properly compensating workers for breaks.   Read more