Corteva Twelve-Hour Shift Workers Employment Settlement

Corteva, Inc., E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company, Dow Agrosciences LLC, The Dow Chemical Co., Dowdupont, Inc. (now known as Dupont De Nemours, Inc.), and Dow Inc. are paying $3.8 million to settle a class action about employment violations for those working twelve-hour shifts in a chemical plant in Pittsburg, California. The complaint alleges  Read more

Dow Chemical Plant in Pittsburg, California

California ConAgra Foods Labor Law Settlement

ConAgra Foods, Inc., Ralcorp Holdings, Inc., and ConAgra Foods Packaged Foods, LLC are settling four combined class actions alleging the companies did not follow federal or state labor laws at certain of their facilities in California. The complaints alleged that the companies did not provide the required meal and rest breaks, pay proper minimum and  Read more

Products from ConAgra Foods

Pacific Pie Pizza Drivers Lunch Breaks Settlement

Pacific Pie, Inc. and Liberty Pizza, LLC, both doing business as Domino’s Pizza, and Shane Anderson, an individual, are settling a class action alleging they violated Washington state employment laws. The complaint alleged they did not give drivers a required thirty-minute lunch break and permitted wait-time and other off-the-clock work.  Read more

Pizza in Box

Portfolio Recovery Associates Labor Law Settlement

This settlement resolves a collective and class action against Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other labor laws. The complaint offered a long list of allegations, concerning minimum wages and overtime, meal and rest breaks, unpaid vacation and sick pay, unreimbursed business expenses, and other matters.  Read more

Portfolio Recovery Associates Logo

Global K9 Protection Group Labor Law Settlement

Global K9 Protection Group, LLC is settling a class action alleging that it either misclassified dog handlers and site leads or otherwise did not pay them according to state and federal labor laws. The complaint alleged that the company did not pay employees proper wages and overtime, did not give them the required meal and  Read more

Global K9 Protection Group Dogs and Handlers

Gardner Trucking, CRST Breaks and Overtime California Class Action

This employment class action brings suit against Gardner Trucking, Inc. and CRST Expedited, Inc. for violations of California’s Labor Code and its Business and Professions Code. The violations include such things as failure to provide employees with proper meal and rest periods; failure to pay at least minimum wage for all hours worked; failure to  Read more

CRST Truck on the Road

Amazon California Labor Law Nonexempt Employees Class Action

This class action brings suit against Amazon Retail, LLC, alleging that it failed to follow the provisions of California Labor Code and Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) Wage Orders. The topics covered in the complaint are familiar: pay for all hours worked, overtime pay, breaks, and so on.  Read more

Amazon Retail Store at 5101 Lankershim Blvd.

Robert Heath Trucking Labor Law Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Robert Heath Trucking, Inc., alleging labor law violations in connections with its California truckers who were paid by the mile. The complaint alleged that the truckers were not paid at least minimum wages for all hours worked, were not allowed proper meal and rest breaks, and were not  Read more

Fleet of Robert Heath Trucks

Home Depot Wage and Labor Law Violations California Class Action

Labor laws generally require that employees be paid for all hours they spend in control of their employer, at the proper rate of pay. The complaint for this class action alleges that Home Depot, Inc. did not pay employees at its California distribution centers for all hours they spent in its control and violated California  Read more

Home Depot Store Aisle

Wells Fargo Employment Violations Settlement

This settlement resolves two consolidated class actions alleging that Wells Fargo Bank, NA did not pay proper compensation to its Home Mortgage Consultants, Private Mortgage Brokers, and others (HMCs) working for it in California. The complaints alleged that Wells Fargo did not provide proper rest periods, vacation pay, and minimum wage for all hours worked.  Read more

Wells Fargo Sign with Stagecoach Logo