Experian Data Breach Settlement

Experian is putting aside $22 million to settle a class action regarding a data breach that took place in September 2015. The complaint alleged that Experian did not take adequate precautions to prevent the data breach, which exposed the personal information of approximately 15 million T-Mobile customers who applied for services or device financing through  Read more

Zippy’s and Other Restaurants Data Breach Settlement

FCH Enterprises, Inc. owns Zippy’s Restaurant, Napoleon’s Bakery, Kahala Sushi, Pearl City Sushi, and Pomaika’I Ballrooms, all in Hawaii. This class action alleged that FCH allowed a data breach that exposed credit and debit card information between November 23, 2017 and March 29, 2018. The information exposed included card numbers, expiration dates, and magnetic stripe  Read more

Facebook September 2018 Data Breach Class Action

Facebook, Inc. has again exposed the personal information of users, this time in a data breach announced on September 28, 2018. The complaint for this class action claims that the company’s “lax security practices” led to the breach, which exposed information pertaining to some thirty million Facebook users.  Read more

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Wendy’s Data Breach Settlement

Wendy’s will pay more than $3 million to settle a class action alleging it was at fault when the point-of-sale systems at certain of its franchised restaurants were breached between 2015 and 2016. The malware used in the breach permitted the hackers to obtain customer payment card information. For a list of the restaurants involved  Read more

GameStop Data Breach Settlement

GameStop Corporation has agreed to a settlement in a class action about a cyber attack on its computer systems that occurred sometime between August 10, 2016 and February 9, 2017. The complaint alleges that the company was negligent and breached contracts and implied contracts with customers, among other things, in its failure to stop unauthorized  Read more

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Anthem February 2015 Data Breach Settlement

Anthem announced in February 2015 that it had been the target of a data breach that exposed the personal information of roughly 79 million people. This settlement resolves a class action that charges that Anthem and certain other companies did not take adequate care in protecting the names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, healthcare  Read more

Sonic Drive-In Restaurants Negligence and Data Breach Class Action

Sonic acknowledges that it experienced a data breach that exposed the PII, credit card numbers, and other information of approximately five million customers that could allow criminals to make fraudulent charges to their accounts. The complaint for this class action alleges that it was Sonic’s negligence that enabled the data breach. Other chains, such as  Read more

Advance Auto Parts Data Breach Employee Class Action Settlement

On March 7, 2016, Advance Auto Parts was the victim of a phishing attack, resulting in the disclosure of personally identifiable information (PII) concerning current and former Advanced Auto Parts employees. An outside third party obtained unauthorized access to employee PII through a phishing-type attack by posing as an employee. The third party convinced an  Read more

MAPCO Data Break Class Action Settlement

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that MAPCO was negligent in failing to prevent the May 2013 data breach and therefore violated the law.  Read more

Sony Employee Cyberattack Class Action Settlement

In the fall of 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment was the victim of an unprecedented cyberattack. Following the cyberattack, the perpetrators released stolen SPE data on the Internet, some of which contained personally identifiable information concerning current and former employees of SPE and its subsidiaries and certain other individuals. Plaintiffs claim that SPE did not adequately  Read more