Wilderness Sports Warehouse Accessing of Customers’ PII Class Action

This class action takes up an all-too-present topic—a data breach. It brings suit against Wilderness Sports Warehouse, LLC (which does business as Tackle Warehouse, LLC0; Sports Warehouse, Inc. (which does business as Tennis Warehouse, LLC); Running Warehouse, LLC; and Skate Warehouse, LLC. The complaint alleges that the companies are e-commerce companies that sell specialty sporting  Read more

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Bumble Collection and Sharing of User Information Class Action

Bumble, the dating app, collects many kinds of information from users—including some that they may not be aware it’s collecting. This class action brings suit against Bumble, Inc. and its asset Buzz Holdings, LP, alleging that they collect private information on users, including biometric information, and share it with other parties without their consent. The  Read more

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Artech Cybersecurity Incident Settlement

Artech, LLC is settling a class action alleging it bears some responsibility for an attempted ransomware attach and possible data breach that took place between January 5 and 8, 2020. The complaint alleged that a large volume of data, including personal information for 30,000 current and former employees, was accessible to unauthorized parties, although forensic  Read more

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QRS Exposure of PII and PHI in Data Breach Class Action

When a company collects, uses, and derives a benefit from individuals’ private information, the complaint for this class action says, it “assume[s] legal and equitable duties to those individuals to protect and safeguard that information from unauthorized access and intrusion.” The complaint therefore sues QRS, Inc. for failing to safeguard sensitive information that was disclosed  Read more

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QRS Patient Information Exposed in Data Breach Class Action

In recent years, healthcare providers and companies who offer services to them have been frequent targets of cybercriminals. These companies, like the defendant in this case, QRS, Inc., store not only the personally identifiable information (PII) of patients but also their protected health information (PHI). The complaint for this class action alleges that QRS did  Read more

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BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Exposure of Patient PII and PHI Class Action

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Services, LLC is a pharmacy that offers specialty pharmacy services for patients with complex chronic conditions, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, and hepatitis C. As such, it collects and stores both personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) on customers. The complaint for this class action alleges that BioPlus “is  Read more

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Smile Brands, Sahawneh Dental Exposure of Patient PII and PHI Class Action

Smile Brands, Inc. is a large dental service organization, and Sahawneh Dental Corporation is one of Smile’s many affiliates. Smile provides business support services for dental offices like Sahawneh. In their respective roles, Smile and Sahawneh collect and maintain patients’ personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI). These two companies are the defendants  Read more

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Bansley and Kiener Exposure of Sensitive Information Class Action

This class action brings suit against Bansley and Kiener, LLP (B&K), alleging it “failed to implement reasonable, adequate, and industry standard security measures on its IT network where it stored and maintained Sensitive Information. The complaint claims its failures led to a data breach that exposed the private information of tens of thousands of people.  Read more

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Kiplinger Disclosure of Personal Reading Information Michigan Class Action

Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc. publish the magazine Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. The complaint for this class action alleges that the company also shares information about its subscribers, leading to barrages of unwanted junk mail and violating Michigan’s Preservation of Personal Privacy Act (PPPA).  Read more

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T-Mobile Massive Data Exfiltration Class Action

The complaint for this class action opens by quoting a Wired Magazine article entitled, “The T-Mobile Data Breach is One You Can’t Ignore.” The complaint for this class action opens by quoting it as saying, “Not all data breaches are created equal. None of them are good, but they do come in varying degrees of  Read more

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