Westdale Brentmoor Eviction Fees Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Westdale Brentmoor, LLC and Westdale Asset Management, LP, which do business as Westdale Properties America I, Ltd. and Westdale Asset Management, respectively. The complaint alleged that these companies unlawfully charged or threatened to charge certain fees when filing eviction actions against tenants at their apartment complexes. These may  Read more

Brentmoor Apartments

Deerfield Crossing Apartments Eviction Letters and Fees Settlement

RAM Partners, LLC and Tralee Affordable Panther, LLC, which does business as Deerfield Crossing Apartments, have chosen to settle a class action alleging that they unlawfully charged and threatened to charged certain fees to tenants when they filed summary eviction actions against them. The fees included complaint filing fees, sheriff service fees, and attorneys’ fees.  Read more

Deerfield Crossing Apartments in North Carolina