First Advantage Background Services Hid Sources of Consumer Report Class Action

Plaintiff Carlos Ramirez was turned down for a job because a background report on him claimed that he had been convicted of a petit theft in 2013. Ramirez says he could not have committed the 2013 theft because he did not set foot in the US until 2015. The complaint for this class action alleges  Read more

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Instant Checkmate, Truthfinders Report on Expunged or Sealed Records Class Action

Consumer reporting companies can’t print everything they uncover in their consumer reports. For example, the law prohibits them from publishing expunged or sealed criminal records. But the complaint for this class action alleges that consumer reporting agency the Control Group Media Company and its subsidiaries Instant Checkmate and Truthfinders go ahead and publish these this  Read more

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TransUnion Public Records Settlement

This settlement involves an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) program for consumers who feel they have been harmed by inaccurate information provided in a credit report about a civil judgment or tax lien. The inaccuracies include both ownership problems (where information did not belong to the person in whose credit report it was included) or updating  Read more

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Sterling Infosystems Reinsertion of Disputed Info in Consumer Reports FCRA Class Action

When a credit reporting agency (CRA) assembles a consumer report for a prospective employer, inaccurate or out-of-date criminal history can have a serious adverse impact. Sometimes the CRA even reinserts previously-removed material into a report. The complaint for this class action says that Sterling Infosystems, Inc. did this, reinserting disputed information into credit reports without  Read more

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TransUnion, TURSS Outdated and Inaccurate Eviction Info Class Action

Because consumer reports are being used by more and more parties, including by landlords before renting an apartment, it’s important that credit reporting companies acquire accurate information. But the complaint for this class action alleges that TransUnion, LLC and TransUnion Resident Screening Solutions, Inc. (TURSS) do not do enough to ensure the accuracy and currency  Read more

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Business Information Group (BIG) Inaccurate Consumer Report FCRA Settlement

Business Information Group, Inc. (BIG) is settling a class action alleging that it violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in preparing consumer reports. The complaint claims that the consumer report compiled for the plaintiff contained inaccurate or incomplete public record information. The complaint alleges that BIG should have provided notice to the plaintiff since  Read more

Quick Search Background Report FCRA Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action alleging that Quick Search violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) because it sent out background reports without taking care to determine that the information in the reports was accurate.   Read more

Avis No Advance Notice of Adverse Action on Employment FCRA Class Action

When she was offered a job in California with Avis, plaintiff Denise Watkins was ready to accept. Then, Avis withdrew its offer, because, the complaint says, the background report they had received from Sterling contained a criminal history. In fact, it wasn’t her history—but by the time she saw the error, it was too late.  Read more