Frontier Airlines, Airbus Aircraft Toxins in Cabin Air Class Action

On June 2, 2017, Frontier Airlines Flight 1630 took off from Los Angeles, California on its way to Orlando, Florida. Two hours into the flight, a problem occurred with the quality of air in the cabin, with passengers experiencing eye irritation, coughing, choking, and passing out. The flight was forced to make an emergency landing.  Read more

Frontier Airlines Airbus Aircraft

Suffolk County, New York Firefighting Foam Water Contamination Class Action

Has the water of communities in Suffolk County, New York been contaminated by aqueous firefighting foams (AFFF) to the point where drinking it puts citizens at risk for cancer and other health problems? This class action alleges that the water for Yaphank, Mastic, Mastic Beach, Shirley, and Brookhaven has been contaminated by chemicals used at  Read more

Brookhaven, Long Island

West Virginia-American Water Company Contamination Event Settlement

This settlement aims to resolve a number of different kinds of claims resulting from a contamination incident affecting over 200,000 residential and business customers of West Virginia-American Water Company. On January 9, 2014, the Freedom Industries tank farm near Charleston, WV experienced a chemical leak into the Elk River that contaminated water supplies and left  Read more

Shell and ConocoPhillips Roxana, IL Contaminated Groundwater Settlement

Shell and ConocoPhillips have reached separate settlements resolving a class action alleging that the companies contaminated groundwater for properties in an area of Roxana, Illinois. The contamination is alleged to have come from releases from the nearby Wood River Refinery.  Read more

Sherwin-Williams Facility Toxic Chemical Environmental Damage Class Action

The complaint for this class action alleges that Gibbsboro, New Jersey has been contaminated by hazardous materials from a former Sherwin-Williams paint factory and its disposal facilities, operated on various parcels of land from the early 1930s until 1978. The complaint alleges that contaminants have migrated into public and private property and that the company’s  Read more