Spark Energy Variable Rate Settlement

Spark Energy, LLC and Spark Energy Gas, LLC are settling three class actions alleging they charged residential customers variable rates for electricity and gas that were too high, and that were contrary to their obligations under their contracts and laws in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania,  Read more

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PALMco Power Variable Rate Settlement

PALMco Power MA, LLC is settling a class action alleging that its variable rate charges to consumers were not based on market-related factors or prevailing market rates.  Read more

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FirstEnergy, Energy Harbor Ohio Electricity Settlement

This settlement resolves two class actions against FirstEnergy, FirstEnergy Service, Ohio Edison, Toledo Edison, Cleveland Electric, Energy Harbor, and five individuals, alleging that they took part in racketeering in order to influence the passage of HB 6, and causing some Ohio residents to pay too much for electricity. The complaint alleged the defendants violated the  Read more

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Entergy Tower Fall and Disruption of Business Class Action

This class action brings suit against Entergy Corporation, Entergy Louisiana, LLC, and Entergy New Orleans, LLC. It complains of the fall of a transmission tower owned and operated by Entergy during a hurricane, near Avondale, Louisiana. The fallen tower and associated items, the complaint alleges, “created a hazard to navigation that required the river to  Read more

Transmission Tower Felled by Hurricane Ida

Direct Energy Unclear Variable Rate Policies New Jersey Class Action

Electricity and gas services have undergone deregulation in many markets in the past decades. Although some companies have been able to offer lower prices than the utilities serving the same market, many end up charging consumers substantially more. This class action brings suit against Direct Energy Services, LLC and NRG Energy, Inc., alleging they did  Read more

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Major Energy Deceptive Variable Rates for Electricity Class Action

When consumers switch from a regulated utility to an energy services company (ESCO), they are seeking better prices, since there is no difference at all in the quality of electricity or gas the different companies deliver. The complaint for this class action brings suit against an ESCO, Major Energy Electric Services, LLC, alleging that it  Read more

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Verde Energy Variable-Rate Plan Settlement

This settlement resolves multiple class actions against Verde Energy USA, Inc., Verde Energy USA Ohio, LLC, Verde Energy USA, Massachusetts, LLC, and Verde Energy USA New York, LLC. The complaint alleges that the companies’ variable rate plans in Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania charged electricity rates that were not priced according  Read more

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Greenlight Variable Electricity Rate Settlement

Greenlight Energy, Inc. is settling a class action about Greenlight’s alleged acts and omissions concerning supplying energy at variable rates. The complaint alleged that the company’s misleading representations violated New York’s General Business Law and breached its contracts as well as the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.  Read more

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Camino Natural Resources Interest on Late Payments Oklahoma Settlement

Camino Natural Resources, LLC is settling a class action for $2.1 million. The complaint is asking for damages, alleging that Camino did not pay statutory interest, as required by Oklahoma law, when its royalty payments were late.  Read more

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SK Energy, Vitol Anticompetitive Acts on California Gasoline Class Action

According to the complaint for this class action, a 2015 explosion at a Torrance, California refinery provided an opportunity for several companies to manipulate the gasoline market in that state, resulting in higher prices at the pump. The complaint names SK Energy Americas, Inc., SK Trading International Co., Ltd., and Vitol, Inc. as defendants. While  Read more

Torrance Refinery After Explosion