CVS Pharmacist Unpaid Overtime Class Action Settlement

CVS Pharmacies has settled an employment class action alleging lack of overtime payments for pharmacists who work more than six consecutive days. Among the claims being resolved by the settlement are: failure to pay overtime compensation failure to provide accurate itemized statements Waiting Time Penalties conversion unfair business practices penalties, and failure to pay overtime  Read more

CRST Expedited Trucking Company Hostile Work Environment Class Action

A class action filed against trucking company CRST Expedited alleges that the company permits a hostile work environment in which female drivers are sexually harassed, touched, and sometimes assaulted by male drivers, violating the Civil Rights Act and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.   Read more

Xerox Field Engineer Unpaid Overtime Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that Xerox Corporation failed to pay statutory overtime to employees performing field engineer job functions, in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act and state labor laws.  Read more

Bee Line Courier Service Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit

This class action alleges that Bee Line Courier Service, Inc. has routinely misclassified its delivery drivers as independent contractors rather than employees, thus violating the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to pay overtime and has also made unlawful deductions from driver pay for administrative fees and required equipment.  Read more

CVS Call Center Staff Unpaid Overtime Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that CVS failed to pay call center employees overtime when the company required the employees to perform work prior to clocking in.  Read more

Reuters Misclassification Journalists As Independent Contractors Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that Reuters failed to pay its editors, journalists, photographers and writers overtime pay as employees but rather misclassified these workers as independent contractors.  Read more

United A/C & Refrigeration Unpaid Overtime To Technicians Class Action Lawsuit

This class action alleges that United A/C & Refrigeration failed to fairly compensate its employees for overtime hours worked.  Read more

Freeman Webb FCRA Violations Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that Freemen Webb violated the FCRA by pulling consumer report of employee without giving proper notice and by taking adverse action against that employee without again proper notice.  Read more

Uber Drivers Lawsuits

This lawsuit alleges that Uber misclassified its drivers as independent contractors when in fact Uber should have classified the drivers as employees.  Read more

Quality Meats Miami Beach Chef Unpaid Overtime Class Action Lawsuit

This class action lawsuit alleges that Quality Meat Miami Beach failed to pay pastry chefs overtime pay for all hours worked each week over 40.    Read more