Grand Celebration Ship Employment Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Classica Cruise Operator, Ltd. and Paradise Cruise Line Operator, Ltd., Inc., claiming that they did not keep their agreements with their crews when Covid-19 stopped cruise ships from sailing. The complaint alleged that employment contracts required that required the cruise lines pay two months of wages or Basic  Read more

Ship: Grand Celebration

River City Casino & Hotel Severance Agreement Class Action

This class action brings suit against PNK, LLC, which does business as River City Casino & Hotel. According to the complaint, River City laid employees off in April without pay, promised in August in a written severance agreement to pay them until the 17th of that month, but then allegedly never paid them anything.  Read more

River City Casino & Hotel in St. Louis

Morgan Stanley Deferred Compensation “Cancellation Rule” Class Action

At issue in this class action is deferred compensation for financial advisors, in association with Morgan Stanley, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC, and the Morgan Stanley Compensation Management Development and Succession Committee. The complaint alleges that financial advisors may lose substantial amounts of their deferred compensation when they leave the company, and that this is  Read more

A Morgan Stanley Building