Air Evac LifeTeam Excessive Charges Imposed Multi-State Class Action

At issue in this class action are charges for air transport in case of medical emergencies. The complaint alleges that Air Evac EMS, Inc., which does business as Air Evac LifeTeam, overcharges patients for transportation, noting that those needing emergency air transport are generally in no condition to make decisions or negotiate rates.  Read more

Air Evac LifeTeam Helicopter In Action

Pafford Improper Lien with Medicaid Accident Victim Class Action

Plaintiff Karley Williams received head injuries in an accident for which she later got a settlement from the insurance company of the at-fault driver, but the complaint alleges that the Pafford companies that transported her by ambulance and helicopter placed a lien on the settlement funds, violating state and federal laws. Why the lien? Because  Read more