Ohio Inmates’ Cash Returned via Fee-Heavy Debit Cards Class Action

When plaintiff Amber Humphrey was taken into custody, her cash, clothing, and other possessions were taken from her, to be returned at her release. However, the complaint for this class action claims that Lorrain County, Ohio no longer returns cash to people such as Humphrey. Instead, their cash is put onto debit cards that are  Read more

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DirecTV and Cable Vision CCTV Unauthorized Debits EFTA Class Action

The complaint for this class action alleges that Cable Vision CCTV, LLC signed Plaintiff Anthony Valdez for DirecTV services, asked him for a debit card number, saying it would charge only $1, then proceeded to make over $800 of charges, overdrawing his account. The complaint claims that withdrawal of funds without written authorization is a  Read more

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Jacksons Car Wash Unauthorized Debiting of Account EFTA Class Action

Plaintiff Louis Fisher took his car to Jacksons Car Wash and signed up for a month of car washes, paying with his debt card. But he didn’t just get charged for one month’s worth of car washes; according to the complaint for this class action, for months thereafter, he was billed for a month’s worth  Read more