USC Closed Campus, No Refunds Class Action

This is one of a number of class actions against universities and colleges who have closed their campuses but have not provided students with refunds. The complaint alleges that the University of Southern California (USC) has ended on-campus classes, closed facilities, and sent students home due to Covid-19, but has not refunded them a prorated  Read more

USC Campus

Fordham University Closed Facilities But No Refunds Class Action

Among the businesses and other entities that have closed the doors to their physical locations due to the coronavirus pandemic are schools and universities. Many of these institutions are replacing in-person classes with online teaching. Fordham University is one such institution. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that although Fordham University’s online offerings  Read more

Fordham University Campus

Cornell University Campus Closure Tuition and Fee Reimbursement Class Action

Like many businesses and other entities, Cornell University has made the decision to close its campus during the coronavirus pandemic and turn to a remote format to continue its operations. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that Cornell students have been deprived of certain benefits for which they have already paid fees or  Read more

View of Cornell University Campus

Grand Canyon University Extra Courses for Doctoral Program Class Action

The complaint for this class action alleges that Grand Canyon University (GCU) makes doctoral students take unnecessary “continuation courses.” This requires that students pay for, or borrow money for, courses that the complaint says “have no value.” This also results in students having to repay their student loans when they have not finished their degrees  Read more

Grand Canyon University Campus

University of Southern California Health Center Settlement

The University of Southern California (USC) and its Board of Trustees and Dr. George M. Tyndall, MD, have arrived at a $215 million settlement in several combined class actions relating to Tyndall’s behavior with patients at the USC Student Health Center. The complaints claimed that Tyndall committed medical malpractice in allegedly sexually assaulting, abusing, and  Read more

College Board and Educational Testing Service SAT Test Security Class Action

The SAT test is a major criterion for college admission, so it’s crucial that the testing process be uniform and that no student have an unfair advantage over others in taking the test. But the complaint for this class action claims that tests are sometimes reused, allowing some students to see test questions (and even  Read more

SAT Answer Coding Sheet and Pencil

USC Medical Exams Sexual Assault Class Action

In the complaint for this class action—against the University of Southern California, for their retention of a sexually abusive gynecologist—one sentence stands out as representative. “Although USC had been on notice of [Dr. George] Tyndall’s misconduct for nearly 30 years, not until March 9, 2018 did USC disclose it to authorities.” Among other things, the  Read more

University of Southern California Campus

Art Institute of New York City False Employment Figures Class Action

With college tuitions soaring and students having to take out enormous loans to get an education, students are looking more closely at what they’re getting for their money. The complaint for this class action alleges that for-profit college the Art Institute of New York City deliberately misled them about their prospects for employment after graduation,  Read more

Art Institute of NYC

Hamilton Township Board of Education Retirees Prescription Drug Benefit Settlement

The Hamilton Board of Education is making available $17 million to settle a lawsuit alleging that it breached its obligations to retirees, and in some cases to their dependents. The complaint alleges that collective bargaining agreements specified that retirees would be given a yearly cash payment in lieu of prescription drug coverage, but that the  Read more

InterCoast Career Institute Fraudulent Licensed Practical Nurse Program Class Action

According to the complaint, InterCoast defrauded students in saying that it was accredited and in not giving students proper preparation for nursing careers, by not offering qualified teachers, not providing students with adequate clinical experience, and not fully preparing them to take their licensing exams. The complaint charges that the school failed to comply with  Read more