Suffolk University No Tuition Reductions for Spring or Fall 2020 Class Action

Businesses aren’t the only entities that have closed down to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Universities have closed their campuses and dormitories and taken classes to an online-only format. This class action brings suit against Suffolk University in the Boston metropolitan area for not refunding money paid for the curtailed Spring 2020 semester or upcoming  Read more

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Textbook Publishers, Retailers Inclusive Access Antitrust Class Action

The complaint for this class action brings suit against textbook publishers and campus book retailers, alleging that their Inclusive Access program amounts to a conspiracy to limit competition and keep textbook prices high. The three publisher defendants include Cengage Learning, Inc., McGraw Hill, LLC, and Pearson Education, Inc. The three retailer defendants are Barnes &  Read more

Pile of College Textbooks, About to Topple

DeVry University Graduate Placement and Income Statements Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Adtalem Global Education Group, Inc. and DeVry University, Inc. alleging that the companies made false statements about the outcomes of education at DeVry, in order to get students to enroll and pay more than they would have otherwise. According to the complaint, the companies fraudulently advertised (1) that  Read more

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CIEE Study-Abroad Programs Limit Covid-19 Refunds Class Action

CIEE, Inc. and the Council on International Educational Exchange provide college-level study abroad programs. When Covid-19 required the closing of overseas campus or required students to return to their homes, classes were moved online and students were able to receive credit, but they lost the “abroad” part of the programs. Despite this, the organization(s) have  Read more

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Pepperdine University No Refunds for Campus Closure Class Action

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many colleges and universities have chosen to close their campuses and take their classes online to slow the spread of the virus. The complaint for this class action alleges that when Pepperdine University closed its campus, students lost a good deal of what they’d paid for, in tuition, housing, face-to-face contact,  Read more

Pepperdine University's Malibu Campus

College Textbooks Inclusive Access Program Antitrust Class Action

College students spend approximately $1,200 per year on textbooks. This class action alleges that certain publishers and booksellers have entered into a conspiracy to limit choice about where and how students get their textbooks, so that they can tie up college markets and ensure that prices are high. The complaint bring suit against a group  Read more

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Georgetown University No Refunds for Campus Closure Class Action

Should students pay the same tuition to finish their semesters online as they paid for in-person classes? Should they pay for dorm rooms they cannot occupy? This class action brings suit against Georgetown University for refusing to provide refunds relating to the closure of its campus to avoid the spread of Covid-19.  Read more

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Grand Canyon University No Refunds for Covid-19 Closure Class Action

At universities that offer both on-campus and online degree programs, the online classes are generally cheaper. There are many reasons for the lower costs, and this class action alleges that students should get refunds for tuition they paid for on-campus classes as well as other payments if their classes were moved online in the middle  Read more

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Suffolk University No Refunds for Covid-19 Closure Class Action

If a university closes it campus to prevent the spread of Covid-19, does it owe its students refunds on tuition and fees, even if it still provides them with credit for the academic semester? That’s the question a number of class actions are asking these days. In this case, the school is Suffolk University, located  Read more

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Roger Williams University No Refunds for Covid-19 Closure Class Action

This is one of a number of recent class actions bringing suit against universities for tuition refunds after the schools closed their campuses to prevent the spread of Covid-19. In this case, Roger Williams University (RWU) closed its campus on March 11, 2020, telling students not to return to campus from their spring break.  Read more

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