Robitussin Naturals Honey and Ivy Cough Relief Claims Class Action

GSK Consumer Health, Inc. makes a Robitussin Naturals “Cough Relief” product that it promotes as a dietary supplement that contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives but relieves coughs. The complaint brings suit against the company for three reasons—for its “natural” claims, for its druglike claims, and for claims that honey and ivy extract can  Read more

Robitussin Naturals Honey and Ivy Cough Relief

Little Remedies Gripe Water Colic Relief Claims Class Action

This class action concerns a product made by Prestige Consumer Healthcare, Inc., known as Little Remedies Gripe Water. The complaint for this class action alleges that this product is advertised as a remedy for symptoms associated with colic in babies, but that if that is so, it is a drug that requires approval from the  Read more

Little Remedies Gripe Water

Boiron Arnicare “Pain Relief” Products Homeopathic Remedy Class Action

This class action brings suit against Boiron, Inc., alleging that its Arnicare homeopathic products do not provide the pain relief they are purported to provide. The complaint alleges that neither the active ingredient nor the homeopathic system for creating medicines are capable of providing relief from pain. It contends that the company makes druglike claims  Read more

Arnicare Cream

Grande Cosmetics Enhancement Serums Are Drugs, Says California Class Action

Alexandra Mandel, the plaintiff in this case, developed a growth in her eye that had to be removed via surgery. The complaint says she believes the growth was caused by an ingredient in the GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum she was using. The complaint alleges that Grande Cosmetics, LLC makes three “Enhancing Serums” that are in  Read more


Boost Glucose Control Drinks Make Druglike Claims Class Action

Boost nutritional supplement drinks come from Nestle USA, Inc. and appear to be aimed at people with diabetes. The complaint for this class action makes two allegations. First, it says, the drinks make druglike claims but have not been tested or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Second, it says, the products seem  Read more

Boost Glucose Control Drinks

Cobra Sexual Energy Deceptive Advertising California Settlement

This settlement resolves a lawsuit against Nutraceutical Corporation about sales of its Cobra Sexual Energy. The complaint alleged that certain elements on the product’s label falsely advertised it as an aphrodisiac, and also that the product was an “unapproved new drug” that was not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  Read more

Box of Cobra Sexual Energy

Purell Hand Sanitizer Deceptive Marketing Class Action

You may not have heard of Gojo Industries, Inc., but you probably have heard of its product Purell Hand Sanitizer. But are the company’s claims for its product accurate? The complaint for this class action says no. It also cites Food and Drug Administration (FDA) criticism that the product is incorrectly marketed as a drug.  Read more

Bottle of Purell Hand Sanitizer