Arm & Hammer Detergent “2X More” Promise Class Action

When a company promises that one size of a detergent delivers “2X More Loads” than another, what does that mean? Church & Dwight Co. Inc. use this term to market its Arm & Hammer detergent in a 144.5-ounce container, in comparison to the 67.5-ounce size, but the complaint for this class action alleges that it  Read more

Arm & Hammer Detergent 144.5-Ounce Container

Kroger Coffee Products Make Fewer Cups of Coffee California Class Action

This class action is about coffee, specifically about the labeling of the Kroger Company’s ground coffee products. The complaint alleges that Kroger represents on the front panels of the products that they make a certain number of cups of coffee. However, the complaint claims, if the consumer follows the instructions on the back of the  Read more

One of the Kroger Coffee Products at Issue

Spectracide Concentrate Herbicide Amount Settlement

United Industries Corporation is settling a class action about the yield of its Spectracide Concentrate herbicide products. The products were designed to be mixed with water by the consumer before use, and the complaint alleged that the containers of concentrate did not yield as much herbicide solution as advertised.  Read more