Pyrex Measuring Cup Markings Come Off in Dishwasher Class Action

Pyrex tempered-glass measuring cups, made by Instant Brands, LLC, have long been known for their resistance to heat and longevity. But the complaint for this class action alleges that more recently Pyrex measuring cups lose their markings in the dishwasher, which makes them useless for their original purpose.  Read more

Pyrex Measuring Cup

All-Clad Cookware Dishwasher Cleaning Creates Sharp Edges Georgia Class Action

All-Clad Metalcrafters, LLC makes metal-crafted kitchen items, including cookware, bakeware, appliances, and kitchen tools. Its top sellers include its D3, D5, and LTD stainless steels pots and pans are its top-selling products—and the subject of this class action. Although All-Clad has marketed this cookware as being dishwasher-safe, the complaint alleges that washing it in the  Read more

Set of All-Clad Cookware