Dollar General Infants’ Acetaminophen Settlement

Dollar General Corporation, Dolgencorp, LLC, and DG Retail, LLC are paying $1.8 million to settle a class action regarding its infants’ acetaminophen pain reliever and fever reducer. The complaint alleged that the companies used deceptive and misleading tactics to market the product under its DGTM Health label, including DG Health Infants’ Pain & Fever Acetaminophen—DGTM.  Read more

DG Health Infants' Acetaminophen Product

Massage Envy Shorter Sessions Missouri Settlement

Massage Envy Franchising, LLC is putting up $1.6 million to settle a class action on the length of its massage sessions. According to the complaint, massage sessions were ten minutes shorter than advertised. For example, customer who paid for a one-hour massage received only fifty minutes of massage.  Read more

Massage Envy Interior with Front Desk and Waiting Area