InventHelp Invention Services Settlement

This settlement resolves three consolidated class actions against InventHelp and Western InventHelp and other companies and individuals. When people paid for invention services from InventHelp or Western InventHelp, the complaint alleged, the companies did not perform the invention services they had promised, including patent-related services. The complaint alleged violations of the American Inventors Protection Act.  Read more

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United Airlines Voluntary Separation Leave and 36-Month Program and Class Action

At various times, United Airlines, Inc. has wanted to reduce the number of its employees and has therefore offered voluntary separation leave programs (VSLs). This class action concerns a related plan, the United Airlines 36-Month Supplemental Benefit Plan, which allows retiring employees to get the benefits of a later VSL offered within three years after  Read more

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Capital One Did Not Offer Covid-19 Assistance as Promised Class Action

Capital One Financial Corporation issues credit cards. If account holders pay their bills late, Capital One may charge up to $40 as a late fee. During the economic distress caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Capital One promised “assistance” to customers, the complaint for this class action alleges, such as waiving fees, deferring payments, and the  Read more

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Bank of America Did Not Refund Credit Card Late Fees as Promised Class Action

This class action on the purported waiver of credit card late fees, says in its Introduction, “The deadly Covid-19 pandemic created the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.” During this crisis, Bank of America, NA (BANA) promised to refund credit card late fees for customers in difficulty, but the complaint alleges that it rarely  Read more

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Terminix Contract Renewals and Termite Damage Settlement

Terminix International Company, LP has entered into a Consent Judgment and Settlement Agreement with the Attorney General of Alabama, after an investigation into substantial price increases from Terminix and a higher rate of termite infestation in Baldwin and Mobile Counties. Some customers had not had their homes retreated in years. The value of the entire  Read more


InventHelp Inadequate Services for Inventors Class Action

Invention Submission Corporation (ISC), which does business as InventHelp, purports to submit inventions to companies who might be interested in commercializing them and to provide other help to inventors. The complaint for this class action brings suit for violations of the American Inventor’s Protection Act (AIPA) and breach of contract, alleging ISC and its related  Read more

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