Synchrony Bank Interest Rate Omission on Statement Class Action

The Truth in Lending Act (TILA) requires that lenders provide complete and accurate information about things like interest rates. The complaint for this class action, however, alleges that Synchrony Bank provided “disclosures with inaccuracies or omissions that violated” TILA in connection with its credit card accounts.  Read more

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My Business Venture Violation of Franchise Laws Class Action

Federal and sometimes state laws exist that govern the process of franchising. The franchises offered by My Business Venture (MBV) include a “digital storefront,” website hosting, access to products to sell, plus the shipping of the products to customers. However, if the franchisor does not provide disclosures about the realities of the business, the franchisee  Read more

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Matterport “Business Opportunity” and State Requirements Class Action

The sale of “business opportunities” are sometimes called “seller-assisted marketing plans” in state laws. This class action bring suit against Matterport, Inc. and seven of its individual business directors for advertising and selling supposedly lucrative business opportunities in the 3D camera industry which did not offer sufficient disclosures.  Read more

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