USAA Casualty Insurance Labor Depreciation in Tennessee, Mississippi Class Action

This is one of a number of recent class actions taking issue with how insurance companies calculate payments owed for losses. The complaint for this class action alleges that USAA Casualty Insurance Company (UCIC) improperly calculates the amount due to its policyholders by depreciating labor costs.  Read more


Allstate Vehicle and Property Labor Depreciation MI, TN Class Action

When an insured person makes a claim for property losses, how are the value of the property and its depreciation costs determined? The complaint for this class action alleges that Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance Company does not properly calculate the value of properties because it subtracts depreciation for the value of labor.  Read more

Allstate Sign on Building

Allstate Depreciated Labor Costs in Figuring Claims Class Action

When a tree fell on Donald Brasher’s manufactured home in a wind- and hailstorm in November 2014, it damaged his roof, fence, and bathroom. Brasher had an insurance policy with Allstate Indemnity Company, but according to the complaint for this class action, the company insisted on depreciating labor costs on the property, lowering costs so  Read more

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