United Behavioral Health Guidelines and Rejected Claims Class Action

United Behavioral Health (UBH) “administers mental health and substance use disorder benefits for commercial welfare benefit plans,” says the complaint for this class action. But, according to the complaint, UBH’s guidelines for accepting or rejecting treatment under those plans have been flawed and were rejected in a previous class action. This class action seeks to  Read more

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Advocate Health Care Disability Plan No Allowance for Legal Costs Class Action

The Advocate Health Care Network has a Disability Income Protection Plan that provides funds for employees who have a long- or short-term disability and are unable to work because of sickness or injury. The plan coordinates its own benefits with benefits paid by other parties, such as Social Security. However, complaint for this class action  Read more

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ACCC Insurance UM/UIM Auto Coverage Denial Class Action

ACCC Insurance Company issues policies in the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah. All of these states require that auto policies provide uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage, but the complaint claims that ACCC’s policies do not.  Read more

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State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance PIP Benefits Washington Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action claiming that State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company improperly denied or limited personal injury protection (PIP) benefits. The complaint alleged that the company used a “maximum medical improvement” (MMI) standard that violated Washington state insurance laws. It also claimed that State Farm acted in bad faith by applying this  Read more

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No Payment, No Explanation for Workers’ Comp Claims Class Action

This class action is brought against certain members of the Liberty Mutual Group of insurance companies and a Liberty Mutual subsidiary that provides their claims administration. The complaint alleges that the companies do not provide prompt payment of workers’ compensation claims nor an explanation of why the claims are disputed.   Read more

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Pepperidge Farm Distributors “Independent Contractors” Massachusetts Class Action

The complaint for this class action alleges that Pepperidge Farm, Inc. misclassified the plaintiffs in this action as independent contractors when they were actually employees. Although the rules aren’t hard and fast, the complaint details the ways in which the company had substantial control over the scheduling, policies, and work. It brings suit under Massachusetts  Read more

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Elephant Auto Insurance Sales Tax and Transfer Fees for Total Losses Class Action

When an insurance company pays the replacement cost of a vehicle that is a total loss, should that amount include sales tax and title/tag transfer fees? The complaint for this class action says yes, and it alleges that Elephant Insurance Company owes these amounts to its insureds who have had total losses.   Read more

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota Benefit Reduction for Repayment Class Action

If a health insurance company believes it overpaid on previous benefits, can it reduce payments for current, unrelated benefits? The complaint for this class action says it can only if its plan authorizes it. The plan for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota (BCBSM) does not authorize it, the complaint says, and the reduced benefits  Read more

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ConAgra Retirement Plan Contributions for Laid Off Employees ERISA Class Action

The complaint for this class action notes that certain changes were made to ConAgra Brands Retirement Income Savings Plan in 2015, at the same time as the company laid off around 30% of its workforce. The changes disadvantaged terminated employees, and the complaint claims that ConAgra wanted to save money at their expense. It brings  Read more

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State Farm Mutual PIP Auto Insurance and Florida Law Class Action

This class action is asking the court to declare parts of Florida law unconstitutional, although the defendant is not the state but a car insurance company. The complaint claims that State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company has been “systematically and routinely denying” all Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims when the person involved does not receive  Read more

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