De Paola Trading Profit Sharing Plan Distributions Class Action

De Paola Trading, Inc., a broker-dealer, offers a Profit Sharing Plan, an employee benefit plan to which the company contributes. De Paola and its president and CEO, Peter de Paola, are the defendants in this class action. The complaint claims they have breached their fiduciary duties to the plan and violated the Employee Retirement Income  Read more

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Homesite Insurance Midwest Payouts for Mold Remediation Pennsylvania Class Action

Homeowners’ insurance policies can cover many risks, which may include fire, flood, wind damage, and termite damage, among other things. This class action brings suit against Homesite Insurance Company of the Midwest for damage to a home under one of its insurance policies. The complaint alleges that Homesite is improperly withholding its payout for mold  Read more

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